Skye gave a talk on the practice of Plant Dieta, in 2016, just after returning to South Africa after 5 years living in the Peruvian Amazon.


Skye had one of her poem’s published in the March 2020 issue of The Deep Times Journal, called Lilikoi, A Song of Connection.

This is a quarterly journal that centers around The Spiral of The Work That Reconnects.

This is an excerpt of an interview Skye did about working with Ayahuasca for the Wellness Warehouse Magazine, you can find it in the August 2017 issue, pg40


This is our most recent podcast with Caiyu Kiora on the podcast, Birdsong.

“In this weeks episode we have Skye and Miraz joining us. We go deep into a number of themes exploring the culture of separation that plagues the collective sphere we all find ourselves in, the re-orientation of our perception to animistic worldviews, their many years in the amazon jungle studying amazonian shamanism, the frameworks that the indigneous shipibo people passed onto them to assist in the relating with a living breathing jungle, and extrapolating from that, a living breathing planet, and how this path interrelates into the work that they’re currently doing, known as deep ecology, aka, the work that reconnects.”

We have recorded two podcasts with Andrew Mack from Mildly Dissapointed. Our first conversation is episode #63 and we rap on our experience with the plant medicines, integration and cultural healing. Our second conversation is episode #73 where we talk about The Work that Reconnects/Deep Ecology.