The Wild Intelligences of Nature and Navigating Ecological Crisis – Podcast

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“In this weeks episode we have Skye and Miraz joining us.

We go deep into a number of themes exploring the culture of separation that plagues the collective sphere we all find ourselves in, the re-orientation of our perception to animistic worldviews, their many years in the amazon jungle studying amazonian shamanism, the frameworks that the indigneous shipibo people passed onto them to assist in the relating with a living breathing jungle, and extrapolating from that, a living breathing planet, and how this path interrelates into the work that they’re currently doing, known as deep ecology, aka, the work that reconnects.”


  • Why is modern culture so disconnected and separated from the Earth?
  • Understanding the complexity of gratitude
  • Are personal development and social change two mutually exclusive things
  • The dilemma of being a modern-day person who wants a deeper connection with nature
  • The consequences of duality in the development of the Western mindset
  • Skye’s journey from an existential crisis at 14 to living and learning in the Amazon jungle
  • Miraz’s journey from meeting clients as a corporate lawyer to meeting plants
  • Learning from the jungle
  • What is a dieta like?
  • Ayahuasca
  • What is animism?
  • Why animism is hard-wired into us
  • The challenges of a modern-day seeker in the Ancient Ways
  • The emotion work of plant medicine
  • How do you bring the wisdom of the Amazon jungle into modern day life?
  • Decolonizing our mind
  • How do we become fully human?
  • How does our society start to return to a greater connection with the world?
  • How do we become fully human?
  • Sitting with questions in the heart
  • Dealing with the grief of working with the Earth
  • Finding the joy in following your purpose and working with the Earth